3eese – s/t

Feeling a little stressed. Things getting on top of you. Your waking hours troubled by the constant worry of making ends meet and seeing yourself through to the next day. I might just have the answer to your woes or at least I should say not me exactly but hey I know people who can. They are called 3eese. Its pronounced threese. They have a CD just out. I think you should buy it. When it arrives put it on your hi-fi. Plug in your headphones. Then take a seat. Relax. Stretch your legs out. Close your eyes. And slowly breath in deeply.

Real deep.

Inhale through your nose. Fill your lungs so that you can’t inhale no more.

Then slowly exhale from the mouth.

And repeat the process.

Concentrate on your breathing for now. Can you feel the tension seeping away. Your feeling calm. Stretch your arms and legs. Can you feel your hands, feet and body tingling. That’s the tension leaving. Now carry on concentrating on your breathing. Listen to your heartbeat.

Its slowing.

Now play on the remote control. The CD flexes softly into life.


Are you still there. How do feel. Calm. Sleepy. Mellow. Let me take you on a little trip.

Your eyes still closed – look at little closer at the swirls at the back of your eyelids, can you seen them swirling and floating along in the blackened void. Fix upon them as the sounds trip wire your headspace. Imagine your floating amid a gaseous nothing. Colourful bubbles appear, pop and merge into the Technicolor ether. There’s a feeling of movement as you float further into the void. See how those swirls and patterns expand and contract in harmony to your becalmed heartbeat.

And then deeper still. Your entering dream space. Your relaxed. You feel the lightness of your head. Arabesque motifs drift and dissipate with a hazily glazed warmth. Up ahead lies a galactic zoo. Through the ethereal mists you hear the elephantine calls. The space you occupy is alive to the strange sounds of the lunar jungle. Your floating faster now. Caught in a cosmic headwind. The images, sounds and sensations are blurring. You are at peace with your surroundings. And yourself.

Time for a moment out. Beyond – upon the horizon just ahead of the curve lies an astral promenade. Cosmic ice creams are being served. A music hall mirage appears within touching distance piping sounds straight from the great celestial library. They regale a playfully purring symphony that’s familiar and timeless. Quite possibly antiquated. You feel a sense of nostalgia and a warming glow forms. You feel a sense of safety. Sepia trimmed patterns flicker and fizz. Your allured by the sweetly beguiled angelic formations as they skate upon the ice sculptured melodies. they gently swirl around your head airbrushing it with dainty kisses. You think for a moment. Is this Meek choreographing a heavenly Walt Disney double feature. The dream fades. Gently.

Now there is nothing. Save for the chattering lights. They shimmer. They glow. They yawn. They entrance. You feel like a breeze. Like a cloud drifting in the ether. Illuminated and drawn by their pulsing aura. And then you are returning. Homeward bound. It may feel a little dizzying this bit. Your slowly emerging from the dream state . Your mind is aware. The sensations are fracturing. You lose your sense of direction. You can’t tell your left from your right. Or whether you are going forwards. Or backwards. It will pass. The moments approach. They feel like soothing waves.

Slowly you are coming to. You’re aware of a shift. Your breathing is increasing ever so gently trying to keep pace and time with the pulsing chimes. A little alarm clock is ringing in the recesses of your mind. Its barely audible. Its calling you. You are aware of it. Just float. The melodic ripples seem to be drawing to a light ahead. The pace is quickening. Your surroundings space is getting busy. Its running now. You feel as though your on a locomotive. Soon you will arrive. The monotony of its huffing and puffing lulls you. Its rhythmic patterns are hypnotic. You arrive.
Foot notes – for admirers of all things derived of krautrock, ambient and transcendental gene pool.

Pysonic signposts – alludes to a fondness of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Spacemen 3, Popol Vuh and the Orb. Probable side effects of repeat listens – mind expansion.

Availability – via Vanity Case records who are at http://www.vanitycaserecords.com – initial copies will come adorned with a 3 inch CD entitled ‘Gloria’s Euphoria’.

Membership – 3eese are Graham Bailey and Dave Lazonby. They sometimes record as Geese. Latterly they were and probably still are Frozen Geese.

Filing instructions – psychedelic brain food.



first published via losing today c. October 2011

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