battle mountains

Battle Mountains ’me and my mega mouth shark’ (frequent sea). Think you are all getting well versed in these Scotch Tapes / Frequent Sea related releases – all ultra limited pressing numbers and an enviable quality hand picked roster. Current addition to the Frequent Sea family is the debut release from the hotly tipped Dundee based trio Battle Mountains. Pressed up in both limited run cassette (12) and 3 inch cd (20) formats this mighty fine statement of intent features three earth rumbling cuts of abrasive math / post rock groove and opens to the astute blast of ‘me and my mega mouth shark’ – all dislocated time signatures, spiked and sparring contortionist riffage which has a tendency to stutter, rupture and splinter in the most fetching and volcanic way, compared in passing to Biffy Clyro and At the Drive In – themselves well proven observations though we here are thinking embracing a somewhat lighter toned persona befitting the less frenetic parts of the Dischord and Ipecac back catalogue and very much veering into territories once plundered by San Lorenzo as ably evidenced on the withering storm approaching ’control ltd’. that said our favoured moment is the parting ’john hughes movie clap’ despatched as it is with a meandering and mellowed slow burning dynamic that at times had us much recalling a bruised though animated early career Death Cab for Cutie cross wired with Billy Mahonie. Essential in other words.


first published july 17th, 2009

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