dr mabuse

http://www.myspace.com/thetestamentofdrmabuse – a duo (Les and Meinte) hailing from Holland a country on the musical map who of late we rarely hear anything from now that Transformed Dreams appear to have withdrawn into a prolonged hibernation – anyway Dr Mabuse describe their sound as ‘IDM / experimental / metal’ – which I guess is an aptly broad brush with which to file their sound under, it really is a cornucopia of strange delights and just the kind of thing you rightly expect from an ensemble borrowing their name from the celebrated Lang directed celluloid villain of the 30’s. ‘the collage’ is just that, an ever evolving and terra-forming tapestry that blends a freakish tropicalia styled jazz funk, macabre montages of trip hop beats underpinned creepy carnival-esque lullabies, wig flipped drum n’ bass and sepia set noir cosmic lounge into a heady mind swirling jam of sorts. Contrast that with the apocalyptic seizure stricken inducing prog metal mischief that is the ominously titled ‘those dental records sure come in handy’ which freewheels into a hectic and busy sounding mire of math contortions, post rock-ist noodling and grizzly beatnik boogie the type of which recalls a tad wired and out of it Grails. Then there’s ’timmerfabriek’ – both eerie and icy and flowing into the same sonic streams as Bronnt Industries Kapital all the time unfurling a tensely macabre and minimalist atmosphere to the proceedings leaving the undeniably freakish ’collage’ to sound in its initial stages like some strangely smoked freeform collaboration between Can and Goblin before dissipating briefly into a moment of early 70’s blaxploitation boogie before resurfacing for the bowing out finale set to lunar electronics spiked as were by Volcano the Bear.

first published – August 1st, 2009

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