insane porridge makers – be honest you like their name don’t you – its kind of wacky isn’t it, promising all manner of lunacy and strange mercurial happenings that quite frankly appear to have much neglected in recent years by bands and labels alike. Pigeons and the insane Porridge Makers hail from Saint Petersburg a locality on the global map which we here feel is sadly unrepresented in these pages. They describe themselves as falling under the ’experimental / psychedelic / rock’ umbrella and other than that the trail of information runs cold – alas we did try to access their official web site but found our PC abruptly kicked out twice. Ho hum. Anyway they profess to having a fondness for all things 60’s psychedelic in sound though from what we’ve heard it appears they do a rather freakishly tasty stew that above all sounds not unlike a drinks a flowing studio jam between the Ukranians, early career ‘when in Rome’ era Cud with a particularly chilled Cravats inspecting and co-ordinating the events, skewiff jazz signatures, tribal rhythmic mantras (as on the fried ‘horse‘ with its Beefheart meets Zappa out there oddness), plenty of 60’s hammonds and a general all round trippiness is what’s on offer, hell they could be blood relations of the equally mischievous imps APATT and sound ripe for a spot of Pickled Egg involvement. That said we here are more than fond of the acid fried and lysergic ’craftsmanship’ which amid its wasted psych tonalities and sultry Arabesque snake charms sounds to these ears like some daydream mirage involving Jefferson Airplane’s ’white rabbit’ albeit as though re-wired by a particularly shit faced Bjork with the Walking Seeds applying all manner of psychotropic un-worldliness to the proceedings. We need to hear more.

first published – 15th July, 2009


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