manafast – as with Russia or more particularly St Petersburg (which we loosely mentioned in the previous missive when we fondly cast an eye over Pigeons and the insane porridge makers) we don’t get to hear to much stuff emanating from Turkey which kinda saddens us somewhat. So imagine our surprise when we get not one but two nods from the regions musical community the first coming courtesy of Manafast. Sadly no information on Manafast who hails from Istanbul, though we are suspecting strongly that it’s a one man project. Just one track so far posted on the showcase player that being a demo edit of ’disstrack’. now as you all know we are light on our coverage of the hip hop community – its not a deliberate thing its just that we don’t get to hear or see enough around these parts aside the occasional Chips for the Poor, Milk Kan and DJ Foundation release (the latter of whom we should say here and now currently has a double album out and about entitled ’paradise’ which has been weaving in and out of earshot like no one’s business of late and will receive a long overdue review shortly). And so to ‘disstrack’ – quite tasty if you ask me, lord alone knows what he’s saying but it sounds good, we here are picking up trace elements of Wu Tang Clan, starts pretty chilled almost apocalyptic and industrial in terms of tonality before rephrasing itself into a seductive and flighty hip shimmying Arabesque styled regally symphonic mirage of sorts which to these ears sounds playfully ripe for a spot of radio play action and may just well appeal first hand to admirers of Dreadzone and Apollo 440.

first published – 22nd July 2009

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