mitz – as with bands from Russia and Turkey – who’ve recently featured in these pages – another nation woefully under represented in these missives – much to our disappointment we should hasten to add – is Israel. So when Mitz popped up on the friend request list looking all bright, chirpy and perky with their dinky picture of a sun reclined cocktail drink we thought oh aye a little bit of frisky sun kissed effervescent pop lies in wait. So there we where 30 seconds later a quick change of togs and looking well fine in our Bermuda shorts, tie dye t-shirt, sunglasses with to hand a tipple of our choice softly awash over a chilling assortment of crazily shaped ice cubes ready to do an impromptu sun dance to the sound we half expected to drift through our speaker with much feel good radiance. Never judge a book by the cover as my old girl would tutor me as a young child and boy was that worthy advice that even to this day I haplessly ignore. For instead of west coast mirages, sun peeled cascades and the general embrace of exuberance ’ficktion’ – for that’s what I think its called though its spelt as such fIcKtIoN – is quite the opposite – ominously dark and threatening, starts of nice enough with its star lit ice tipped swirls and steady n’ stately trip hop beats – and then the samples kick and all of a sudden the temperature reading literally drops through the floor. We love it in truth, the fat n’ funky fuzzy dub – tronic belches, the lullaby like symphonic icing, the clicks n’ whirrs and the overall oppressive mooching of it all endows it with a minimalist drum n’ bass dialect that to these ears sounds not unlike a Spaghetti Western obsessed Depth Charge shimmying up to a particularly super chilled Wagon Christ, play very loud though be warned contains expletives aplenty – a good thing though – frankly we need to hear more.

first published – 26th July, 2009

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