tesla tapes

tesla tapes – And so to Gnod wherein there’s been a hive of activity of late not least with the release of two sets – one a repackaged collection of hard to find archive materials and the other a little tasty something from the trenSmat imprint. But before all that a quick word advising that you get yourself an earful of strange groove courtesy of the tesla tapes imprint. Now if we’ve got our information right this imprint serves as an outlet for all the various members and acquaintances of the extended gnod network family. To date there’s been a smattering of releases all coming in ultra limited issue – 4 last count though I could be wrong – first of which is by raikes parade. According to the blurb when he not sorting out the gnod sound, raikes can often be found skulking off to partake in some extra curricula activities with herbal sessions and dub smugglers. Limited to 50 cassettes and entitled ’crossing paths to find new footprints’ this releasse features – what can be best described – as to seriously smoked out head messages of super cooled cosmic dubtronics the lead out cut – the imaginatively titled ’side a’ sounding to these ears like some huge pulsating head trip presided over by a convening studio alliance comprised of Orb, Depth Charge, Bill Laswell and Steve Hillage types and sounding not unlike the kind of stuff once upon a time slipping the shackles from out of the metal postcard imprint. Best of the collection to date in our humbled opinion is Negra Blanca’s two track limited to just 50 copies self titled cassette, now no one’s going to budge me from the belief that this really is something else, ‘duro’ / ‘beira beira’ the main event here is a hypno chilled astral projecting slice of transcendental trippiness replete with meditative finger bell chime and celestial chorals that all converge to slipstream into something deliriously woozy and airless whilst navigating to the nether regions of the minds inner eye aboard a psychotropic drift wind. Six minutes in and the mood shimmers and shifts no doubt with the onset of the ’beira beira’ sequence of the set, here the melodies are equipped in a near waking from dream state fogginess wherein the senses and shapes are in a state of disorientation and flux, the sounds assuming a floaty arabesque vibe to recall as were a mind probing Muslim gauze dinked by the Dadaist playfulness of takako minewaka. We here want a copy urgently. Dwelling provide the other half of the gnod bass machine, again limited to just 50 cassettes ’don’t say nothing’ is the more subterranic species of the Gnod network ’frame speed’ in particular subtly aligning itself to the mainframe of a youthful boards of Canada albeit as though immersed in the ever deepening and darkening voids of techno and appreciably taking the guiding hand of the truth about frank along for the ride, best filed under post apocalyptic drone. Druss are / is the circle forming ying to Dwelling’s yang, this is heavy and intense stuff, loosely recalled to mind bass communion and again for the second time this review muslim gauze as if found head tripping with wagon christ and concocting shape shifting ethnic patternia in an attempt to rewire your neuron receptors. Recommended for closer inspection – http://teslatapes.bandcamp.com/

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  1. paddy says:

    Id like to send you new tesla stuff. email address? email it to ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk

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