the teeth

The Teeth ‘god of sexy’ (death pop). So damn dirty it should come hidden inside a jazz mag. No strangers to these pages as we’ve featured them with much adoring fondness in missives gone by, the Teeth are – shall we say – a law unto themselves, released via the much admired Death Pop records whose past record rack rumblings have seen releases from the likes of Brain Washington, Atomic Suplex, Black Helium and the Swankers tear arsing tear arsing across the more clued up turntables of the land, this slab of club floor humping grind arrives pressed up on twelve slavering inches of wicked lust lashed wax. ’God of Sex’ sounds like the kind of erogenous zone zapping groove that might have come out of the Kling Klang studios had Kraftwerk been sado masochist rubber bondage fetishists led astray and dragged deep into the debauched decadent and seedy twilight underworld of Leigh Bowery and opened up to unspoken by society taboos. All at once salacious and bad in a good way, this orgasmatronic shot of electrified psychotropic hustles, bumps and grinds you into exhaustive submission, like a dirty and wantonly sleazy re-working ’I feel love’ by Moroder with Add N to X in tow it pure indecency, admittedly veering a tad close in proximity to Freeeze’s ’IOU’ but hell you won’t even notice or indeed complain once the stylus engages. Will leave you panting for more and quite frankly no doubt reaching parts that certain lagers weren’t even aware existed. Flip the disc for an radio edit of the cut plus ’girls aloud’ which is something of a homage to the girl band of the same name whose posters no doubt adorn the bedroom walls of all pre pubescent males and females alike or have the youth of today moved on now – I make no apology for not subscribing into the whole Heat gossiping celebrity tosh, anyway its all floor rogering stuff spliced with moments of wig flipping hedonism all wrapped in pulse throbbing shots of electro psych funk. We’re thinking you’ll be wanting a copy now and rightly so.

first published – July 21st, 2009

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