http://www.myspace.com/tashahollywood09 – we here are thinking you’ll be in need of a cold shower or two once you’re done with this, as though the Teeth’s ‘god of sex’ wasn’t dirty enough then along comes Unbalanced – identity unknown but she’s based in London – Kentish town in fact. Emotionally fragmented stuff its obvious that Unbalanced is a disciple of the Leigh Bowery set and very much channels the kind of subterranean sleaze action much present on records bearing the name Noblesse Oblige about their hide. Anyhow its very saucy and slightly disquieting stuff (especially the salacious ‘autopsy’), squirming electronics that for all the world you’d imagining slithering wantonly across the most attuned club floor spots all rippled and ruptured by an attractively debauched psychosis, reference wise very much tapping into the shadowy worlds of Cobra Killer though seductively informed by a Some Bizarre styled erotic pop sensibility that imagines a nightmarish and deviant like Client fused with an early career Ladytron. Ten mixes feature on the my space player, from the minimalist horny house romo of the slick and sassy ice cold mutant funk groove of the freakishly disturbed ‘monkey’ with its exquisitely detailed Front 242 under-wiring. That said ‘sextoipa’ despite its distractive inherent self loathing no doubt influenced by Pyschic TV is metered out with a subtle though detectable candy drilled pop dynamic buried deep in its core similarly so with ‘hustler’s ball’ with its cutesy oriental motifs, orbiting oscillations, off kilter Cornelius styled funkiness and general all round playful wooziness. Elsewhere the monochromatic chill of the Normal is recalled on the flat lined lunar lounge of ‘Candy’ while for us personally we are much smitten by the Grace Jones like ice tipped sophistication of the trip hop beats serviced down tempo string tweaked cosmopolitan seduction of ‘plastic pro’ – smouldering and demurring stuff – a Birkin and Gainsborough for the ipod age anyone. Welcome to your new melodic medication
Here’s a rather strange video for ‘I’m worth it’…..
I’m worth it


first published – 25th July, 2009

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