clone quartet

‘A crookedly alluring portion of schizoid electro candy pop’

Clone Quartet “Carousel” (Tigertrap). Bollocks – we’ve lost the press release that came attached to this which no doubt served to impart to me to pass to you all manner of revelations and useful goings on in the Clone Quartet world.

What we do know is they number in four, hail from Belfast and may (or may not as the case may / or may not be) have lain down a sizeable chunk of recordings that will surface in a month or two as their debut album tentatively titled “10 Lies”. “Carousel” caught our ear on a recent label sampler CD that those nice folks over at Tigertrap sent over our way – a crookedly alluring portion of schizoid electro candy pop built upon a floor pumping post punk disco beat that provides for a rather nifty and dare we say a warped Wurlitzer freewheeling succulent slices of summer sound.

If we didn’t know better we’d say it was the by product of a weird ’now that’s what I call music’compilation from the 80’s that’s been subjected to copious amounts of high grade acid, tinkered by a latter career “A Certain Ratio” indelibly remixed by the collaborative mindset of the Busy Signalsand Ariel Pink who upon said affair has cast his now trademark soft focused trippily wired psychedelised west coast pop motifs leaving Electronic to divvy about however they see fit with what emerges. In marked contrast the bass heavy and everything including the kitchen sink “Played To Death” over on the flip is where the mindsets of the Pixies refined “Trompe Le Monde” sound meets their early petulant selves a la “Doolittle” with subtle side servings of New Order thrown in for good measure. Classy stuff.

– Mark, Losing Today

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published – April 2007

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