the scratch

The Scratch ‘against the grain’ (ponyland). 
The return of one of our favourite turntable obsessions of recent years, the Scratch have on more than one occasion flattened us into states of jaw dropped fondness within these pages. Despatching a high end pedigree of pop grooved new wave the Scratch sound like renegades from another pop age time tunnelled into the present and brandishing an impeccable arsenal of hook laden nuggets and whistle-able sub three minute anthems whose prime directive it would seem – aside that is wearing your stylus blunt – is to drive you to the limits of distraction. Both ’against the
grain’ and its flip cut ’cool in an uncool way’ bristle with the trademark class of Scratch releases of yore, the former seductively swooning ’n’ swaggering and proving to be a hitherto instantaneously shot of delirious radio friendly new wave buzz laced power pop over-turing that catches light with the same acutely knowing melodic
symmetry of the much missed Motors from yesteryear albeit here found peaking over the shoulder of the Flamin’ Groovies and comparing notes whilst shoehorning into the mix some neatly drilled strut riffed ear candy and MOR harmonies.

In sharp contrast the hot rod boogie of ’cool in an uncool way’ yelps, coos, pouts and preens its way in to your psyche and burns the grooves in the process to sound not unlike a preened, primed n’ stripped to the bone early career Reverend Horton
Heat who aside sounding like some 50’s wet dream homage sublimely manages to not only veer into the same retro glazed avenues similarly occupied by Pirroni’s much admired Wolfmen but craftily echoes of the ghost of Bators former charges the Dead Boys and the Lords of the New Church while happily showing off its Vanian like Damned / Phantom Chords implants. In short devilishly cool stuff from the practitioners of perfect pop.


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published March 2009

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