kevin drumm

Kevin Drumm ‘Purge’ (Ideal). A label who so far have managed to happily hide their occasional transmissions from our ever observant radar, safe to say now that we have them in our sights you can expect plenty more visitations from this noise loving outlet. This little beauty happens to be the second cassette that’s made its way into our lives in as many weeks – the first being a very strange double tape release from the Absurdist Z A which frankly we are still trying to get our heads around – reviews will follow shortly you can rely on that. As to this particular release – ’purge’ is limited to just 200 copies and features a searing hour long sonic suite that should appeal to lovers of early Merzbow and Hijokaidan. The Illinois born sonic sculpturer relocated in the early 90’s to Chicago where he has since acquired a reputation for being one of the leading exponents in improvised treated guitar techniques, he has over the course of time worked with such luminaries as Jim O’Rourke, Tony Conrad and Mats Gustafsson during that period releasing a formidable body of work that has seen outings via Table of Elements, Smalltown Supersound, Hospital Productions and Actavistic. Recorded in Chicago, ‘Purge’ is a challenging experience – a test of your endurance and tolerance to extreme – we heartily advise the accompanying apparel of sound proofed underground bunker and an insulated tin hat in order to deflect both unwanted door calls from over zealous neighbours complaining of melting earlobes and more importantly for the health well being of you the listener from sheer assault and brain wave frying that will ensue should you take this in via one sitting. A searing snow storm of caustic white noise is what you get that despite its initial shock value and ferocious foray manifesting into shards of skree scorched attrition this beauty actually begins to assume a becalming effect once your senses and ears have adjusted in what can only be describe as some strangely mesmerising lull. Split into several segments each concluding in the same harsh tonality Drumm takes the sonic stabilisers off and pushes the waveforms to their ultimate capability, the result an intensely all consuming spectacle of unrelenting aural aggression that’s not for the feint of heart though for those of a certain loving persuasion for the likes of Atari Teenage Riot et al a monumental exercise in musique concrete sculpturing.

september 2008

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