bardo pond

There’s not a not a lot of things that excite like all your Christmases coming at once than the prospect of new Bardo Pond platters lurking in record world, due to enter orbit sometime October via Fire is the latest opus ‘peace on Venus’ has just been spotted wooing its way from the deepest ends of the cosmos on a earth trajectory with ’taste’ jettisoned by way of escape pods to serve as something of a heralding broadcast. Past masters and foremost aural alchemists in the craft of things considered falling under the ever expansive psych / shoe gaze / noise folk palette, applying the less is more rule. ’taste’ delicately veers upon a cruise controlled pulsar, framed in vapour trailing whispers that purr to the genteel rupture of fizzing skree ripples all set upon a ghostly half lit demur, this is the Bardo’s at their most serene, most measured and most graceful blending a sonic tapestry cured in both a heavy and weightless dynamic to transmit a sound steeled in both dark and light textures all translated in arresting orbs of sepia tethered spectral beauty, in short much like a forlorn distress call from a dying star belt and something which all said should appeal to those much admired and adoring of Damon and Naomi’s collaborations with Ghost.

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