death valley rally

Quick message from Neil – head honcho over at planting seeds – giving us a heads up on a new debuting EP from Virginia based quartet Death Valley Rally with a knowing promise of ‘indie noise pop shoe gaze’ galore. And he’s not far wrong for opening cut ‘come on’ (available now as a free download via the esteemed Magnet magazine site – link below) is a rollicking sub three minute heads down and strutting slab of blister kissed bubble groove that oozes honey dusted sun kissed harmonies aplenty whilst simultaneously finding itself deliriously drop kicked in swathes of fuzz laden shimmer gazed gouging which on first hearing is about you like a rash recalling a pre ‘loveless’ era MBV and the kind of eargear that admirers of labels such as bliscent as was, northern star and the squirrel imprint will swoon to in droves.


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