still parade

Now if I didn’t know better I’d hazard a guess that this little frost speckled slice of astral arrest had been bound up in the stuff that holds the stars in the heavenly night sky and succulently threaded in sparse sepia soaked bows and then jettisoned through some hitherto celestial slipstream to momentarily radiate seductively through some ether fractured portal. What is it tell me more I hear you cry. It be the latest outing dear heartz from the still parade who arrive described as mysterious by their press folk with a considered lack of additional information only serving us to nod sagely in agreement. ‘health’ is one half of a double A sided platter imminent on the serve and volley / akira imprints which once heard will render you beguiled and deep beneath its frost scribed glare and something which admirers of the equally mysterious no ceremony will do well to seek out before they get any older.

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