virginia wing

New from Virginia Wing who aside hailing from south east London describe themselves in passing as an ‘avant-garde’ pop group, they’ve a debuting EP entitled ’extended play’ due for record store scrambles at the counter very on 12 inch via faux discx from which ’donna’s gift’ has been treated and immortalised courtesy of a video which you can view to your hearts content somewhere below. As far as debuts go a bit of a darling this one that hints at evening soirees huddled together blissing out on the stereophonic sounds of broadcast, stereolab and the sound carriers with just the merest hints of l’augmentation and pram thrown in for good measure whilst viewing arty French films and wishing it was the 60‘s. lushly dreamy and very retro, Virginia wing blend swirling kaleidoscopic electronics with trace elements of Francophile pop all subtly glazed in an amorphous soft psych grounding to which admirers of the united states of america may well find of interest. Quite possibly our favourite platter right now.

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