duke st workshop

And while he hasn’t been moonlighting as the Revenant Sea, WTL’s Mr Bower has been cobbling together videos for the Duke St Workshop whose ridiculously limited outing ’lexicon of paragon pines’ literally sold out scarcely before Geoff and Co could peel them off the pressing plant conveyor belt. anyhow for those that missed the release – described in passing as ’a concept album loosely built around 70’s cold cases (I’m assuming this refers to unsolved criminal cases and not hand luggage left in the pantry under the stairs) influenced by horror soundtracks, tangerine dream and library music’ (I’m self applying kicks to my arse as I write this for missing it). On listening to ‘squirm’ you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Duke St Workshop live in a black and white age studiously concocting soundscapes for public information broadcasts, much here to appeal to those among you admiring of the Ghost Box collective, steeped with an early 70’s glow and by way of utilising primitive analogue electronics this is the sound of Delia Derbyshire paired up with Roy Budd to craft out starkly sparse minimal  recitals flashed through with a futuristic phrasing and into the bargain peeking through the veil and into the future to witness the library sounds of Broadcast. Exquisite.
The accompanying Mr Bower directed video goes like this……
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