john 3:16

A quick email from John 3:16 of Alrealon Musique fame alerting us to new recordings the first of which is an exclusive as yet previously unreleased cut entitled ‘from flame to flesh’. pulled from his critically acclaimed appearances in Israel earlier this year ‘from flame to flesh’ sees John 3:16 in the kind of mellowing moods that long time admirers will surprise and hitherto warm to, the sound expansive, delicately navigated and dreamy comes kissed with the kind of panoramic framing and shyly toned intimacy as that more expected of a younger yellow6 or wil Bolton, dust tracked and sparsely woven though none the less seductively understated, it echoes an as were thoughtfully toned godpeed murmuring melodic mosaics to backdrop the hazy mirages at play in the Nevada at sky fall.

In addition you can view a 20 minute montage of the visuals used at the Israel show in March – these feature the accompanying backdrops to not only ’from flame to flesh’ but ’the holy mountain’ and ’abyss of hell / clouds of fire’…..

Latest track out of the cutting room is ’I am the light of the world, the truth shall make you free’ – a psychotropic head phonic groover best experienced with the volume dial turned up to melt, something for those of you who love your sounds trimmed in the meditative, an industrial dub-tronic beauty that’s both majestic and stately and very much voyaging upon a vapour trailing trajectory one suspects smouldered by some hitherto thought lost face off between muslim gauze and bill laswell.

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