We’ve a few rogue jezus factory treats with which to regale you with which alas have so far slipped the net all of which will appear at some point here in the very near future, however before those there’s this. Something of a divine curio which I’ll admit to being as I write our favourite platter. Hailing – I think from Belgium – which sounds about right given these Jezus Factory dudes appear to have the inside track of that nations finest musicianship, strumpets second full length ‘rubies and ruffians’ appears to be causing a quiet stir amid the underground community, sounding as though its breezed through some time tripped portal from an era populated by hippy dippy shiny happy beads, flowers and peace loving tree hugging folksters – either that or they’ve been riding a magic bus whose tax disc and MOT has long since expired. Whatever the case there’s no denying that ’tamara’ – ripped from the set and set upon video form below – is something truly desirable in the terms of ear candy kudos. Engraved in the woozily trip wired aspects of Os Mutantes at their 60’s shimmered finest albeit as though re-tooled and tenderly bathed in Komeda like airiness there’s something about the seducing hallucinogenic pastorals unfurling throughout that lends itself to recall those classic era Hammer House horror phonic treatments of the early 70’s though here as though re-visualised and reframed within a lilting casual aspect that sounds as though it had eyed the soft parade’s criminally overlooked lost gem ’nobody told you anything’ as its influencing soundboard. Utterly gorgeous.

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