full of hell / calm the fire

Do you get times when all you want to hear are searing sounds soldered in putrefying misery immersed as where as though burnt asunder in the back draft of Satan’s breath, thought you might. Let us introduce you to Baltimore-iam doom disciples’ full of hell and calm the fire who share groove space on a forthcoming blister bombing split 7 inch va A389. Comprised of six cuts – two of which are currently bludgeoning all on the labels band camp page, ’return to the mines’ finds full of hell in playful moods sucking you in with some ominous shards of reverberating sludge groan before reigning all manner of damnation and retribution at rapid fire no prisoners taken 200mph fury and into the deathly bargain scorching your turntable and earlobes into a frothing mass of molten mayhem. Alas no one coming to save you any day soon with the emergence over the hill of ‘paralysed’ which sees calm the fire grimly stepping up to plate and taking up an in your face stance right from the off in an amassing skull pummelling carnage that comes belching and fired upon a sickening apocalyptic resignation much like if I’m not mistaken an ’exorcism’ era Killing Joke being dismembered by a gathering of ill intentioned earache folk. http://www.a389recordings.bandcamp.com/album/a389-134-full-of-hell-calm-the-fire-split-7

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