As the press release rightly alludes imagining a trip would conjure floating images dreamed in sun showered hazes of pixelated hallucinogenia immersing the subject in a feel good glow, it’s an oft used melodic dynamic by ensembles especially those frequenting a psych toned sonic axis. Not so with Islet whose ‘tripping through the blue room’ assumes something of a subtle nightmarish sub text as though gripped in the disturbia of a bad trip. Prized from a forthcoming second set ’released by the movement’ through shape records, this ghostly slice of a trip-a-delic wooziness is rested in all manner of apparition like weaves, sepia palettes and spectral flavourings, fracturing chambertronic signatures dissipating in haloes of celestial visitations are shimmered in ghostly hazes to be twinkled and possessed within a twisted toy box carnival that’s all at once surreal, sinister and disturbingly seductive. Accompanying video below by Casper White acutely mirrors the tracks somewhat fragmenting persona by way of utilising ice blocks and painted portraits to craft something of a warping / melting effect. Very strange.

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