oozing wound

Somehow they’ve so far managed to escape the ever watchful glare of our radar, until now that is. Debut full length from oozing wound entitled ’retrash’ is about to cause a fair amount of rumble when it eventually appears on the hipster imprint thrill jockey sporting a rather fetching sleeve sometime October, these Chicago noise niks are described in passing as channelling music ’for people with no faith in melody or happiness and no resistance to heavy riffage’ which all bodes well for us. Sent forth as a warning shot ’welcome to the spaceship, motherfucker’ is a head fucking festering bastard offspring whose parentage is unquestionably blooded by way of some illicit back alley bunk up between Motorhead and Big Black albeit seared and shot through with the acutely rapid fire pummelling of an early 80’s US hardcore mindset to which from out of the speakers rips up a skin shredding sonic assault that’s all at once wilfully wayward and scalded in a toxic hybrid fusion of blazing agit core and atonal skree skewing seizure shocks. Sounds like your new favourite beat pop combo.

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