strange fish #1

‘strange fish #1’ sees wax space being shared between FdM mainstays Sendelica and new label adoptee Craig Padilla. Mr Padilla mainlines into the sonic nexus courtesy of a brace of bliss kissed ambi gems. ‘full moon world’ sumptuously sculptured in the lush laid back head phonics of 70’s sourced stereo-philia is a deliriously meditative and cosmically piqued aquatic dream coat who reference markers are clearly classically coded to a super electro progged lost tangerine dream tongue whilst heavily hued in a distractively chill zoned jean michel jarred shell. More cavernous, atmospheric and levianthic in structure is the superbly stilled gracefulness of ’secret language’, assuming epic solemnity this lounge lilted lunar odyssey tripwires heavenly environs traversing a lonesome oiutpost amid the snowburst of solar flares and the genuflecting arc of celestial swoons. Seemingly I the mood to toast your headspace Sendelica drop down the 25 minute monolith that is ’strange fish’ which incidentally for the fact-o-philes and pub quiz partaking useless information lovers among you is where the series got its name from in the first place. Talk about zonked out, this is the dogs danders let there be no sitting on the fence on that score because what the Delica ones have sculptured here is a fried feel good baby that’s loose, decidedly funky and as high as a kite, think of a mellowed Acid Mothers mainlining on a waxen cocktail of funkadelic, the ozrics, Jefferson airplane and floyd. ’strange fish’ trips out to a hulking multi coloured mind morphing sonic tapestry imbued on a terra forming audiac landscape that blends Ry Cooder like dust caked spaghetti twangs, space blues, zoned out primal psyche and smoked out jazz trimmings into what can only be described as a fringe flicking astral planing fantasia that’s beautifully blissful, masterly and mercurial.


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