wrekmeister harmonies

Label mates Wrekmeister Harmonies set out on the road shortly with grumbling fur for a short spell across Europe the dates opening October 17th at the Corsica Studios in London and culminating a week later at the Graz in Austria. Held in high regard the Harmonies recently released their thrill jockey opus ‘you’ve always meant so much to me’ to deserving critical acclaim. An 11 minute titan wrapped and grounded with epic measure, a colossus settled in a stirring sea of storm crescendo orchestrating symphonics ushering forth a doom lashed apocalyptic progian beast ablaze in a monolithic crafting whose sonic teeth cutting has been finessed and tutored from the upper echelons of the important and beta lactam ring tables and whose menacing sound glowers like some ceremonial dark mass enacted by nature itself summoning forth and marking some cataclysmic event heralding the alignment of the heavens whilst obliterating everything in its wake. Those well versed in the brooding majesty of the grails take note.


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