Not sure why I do this its not as if I haven’t enough downloads and CD’s around with which to busy myself listening to, but it seems that I can’t pass the face book preview window without sneaking a little listen at whatever’s passing by, especially when such treasures happen to stumble out of the hibernate workshop. Latest lovely from this most elegiac of imprints is the latest from Antonymes who I fear has been too long away from our listening space for our liking and I’m certainly aware that our hi-fi still mourns his absence. Older readers will indeed recall us stumbling across Antonymes many moons ago via a my space trawl (who remembers my space before they ruined it). Anyhow incoming on hibernate – as it happens their 50th release and what better way to hang out the celebratory bunting than the promise of an Antonymes full length set. Entitled ’there can be no true beauty without decay’, Mr Hazeldine – he who is Antonymes – has sneaked out ’misshapen beauty’ as a pre sales teaser, regaled to the surrendering hushed sigh of a delicately crafted key thread, beauty abound Antonymes seductively summons upon a fragile web an emotive framing that at once is ghosted upon by romantic inclines fractured in bitter sweet regret, the use of space and timing as ever exquisite, the delivery intimate, mellowed and hurt with the execution tender, tearful and forlorn – and with that something with which is deserving of closer investigation at your earliest quiet moment.

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