camilla sparksss

Forthcoming on African tape in conjunction with On the camper is a spiffing new 7 inch from Camilla Sparksss. This lovely comes pressed up on picture disc variants which alas we haven’t seen but I’ll hazard a guess they look dandy and cute. Anyhow previously unknown to us she’s better known to kith n kin as Barbara Lehnoff here on extra curricula duties away from here usual Peter Kernel activities. ‘Europe’ is her third seven inch release in as many months – alas we’ve missed the other two – and comes best described as pure dystopian pop bled upon a monochrome and minimalist technoid moulding and spiked in an austere nihilism that razor shocks to an agit pop dynamic acutely thread bared in downwind of the much maligned mid 90’s electro clash scene. ’this is high’ on the flip – incidentally our preferred cut of the brace – playfully shreds out twisted playground mantras atop a seriously schizoid and cold cooled electro vibe doused with an acutely horny undertow which aside anything else reveals something of an affection for early career Mute recordings with a nod to the weird imprint albeit as though tagged with the frailly minimalist pop tokenism of a youthful Knife sparring with Cobra Killer whilst mainlining on some deviant variant of the Sigue Sigue Sputnik matrix.


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