greg haines

Shudder to think how we managed to so far miss this. Recently released via denovali ’where we were’ is the latest opus from ambi-classicist Greg Haines. Now I’ll own up here and now in saying I was previously unaware of the work of Mr Haines and with that feel humbly embarrassed in which case I might just feel obliged to hook up with the retrospective set also being put out by Denovali showcasing his collective past adventures. Sandwiched upon 2 slabs of heavy duty wax ‘where we were‘ comprises of 8 star twinkled suites that blend, bend and morph together the disciplines of techno, ambience and dub into a glorious astral dub symphony. Strictly for lights lowered appreciation, there’s a smoothly smoked sophistication oozing from the grooves that recalls in the main 90’s pioneers Banco de gaia and Biosphere – none more so is this the case than on ‘the whole‘ wherein the subtle techno earth beat motifs fuse hypnotically to engage in an alluring nocturnally hued slice of smoked out sophistication. The production slick and the arrangements crafting a sumptuously night light show, in short what Haines has crafted here is an enigmatic palette filling suite of aural shape shifters delicately dipped into the panoramic folds of a tangerine dream matrix that cross-wires various sonic cultures and tongues as though a one stop kraut cooled / ambient / dubtronic / techno party bag. Here you‘ll find dreamy lunar flotillas such as ‘wake mania without end II‘ voyaging across aural plateaus more commonly attuned and visited by the likes of qluster, roedelius et al while with its lunar lullaby opines ‘trasimeno‘ twinkles frailly as though some forgotten radiophonic symphony from another age rediscovered on the cutting room floor and tended and cared for by a sympathetic ISAN. ’the intruder’ opens proceedings – genteel and softly skinned in an amorphous web of succulently layered textures caught as though rising and stretching from some sleepy interval, either that or the slow turn of a heavenly star emerging from the shadows of an eclipse, the twinkling motifs induce calming presence all the time depth and density slowly but assuredly gathering mass and precision to converge at the 4 minute mark in a brief snow bursting blaze before dissipating once again into the dream weaved demurred tides. assuming more definition ’something happened’ is deliciously bedded upon a soupy tripwired technoid template the type of which much loved via earlier catalogue warp outings as it blends elements of cosmica and dub to its canvas with the latter variants summarily duelled and spruced in showers of arabesque motifs mid way as the mood begins to freewheel and take ascent. Nothing quite prepares however for the humbling slow curved ache of ‘so it goes’ for us which provides one of two key note moments in the sets evolution and overall delivery – utterly devastating, parched and softly tended and housed in a tear stricken spectral shell, the genteel tilt of the melodic curvatures reveal an adept eye and ear for the compositional construction, quietly epic and almost hymnal in its solace and much nodding to the crafted hand of Morricone and Budd. Just in case you were wondering which track served to make up our vote as to the sets celebrated centre piecing pair then look no further than the parting ’habenero (version)’ which for us gets the nod over its more fulsome sibling ‘habenero’ mainly for the fact that it serves to complete the circle as were and bring us back to base and in the process cast a decidedly dream woven montage that’s both intricately spaceous being set to becalming orbital mirage of meditative demurring and dissipating weaves and tenderly hand pressed to be immersed in a deep rooted classicist appreciation. Enigmatic in a word.

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