Getting Scotch Tapes / love torture flashbacks just listening to this, not for the feint of heart and quite possibly as intense and out there a sound collage you’ll happen upon in this particular missive. Recorded and mixed during Spring 2012 and completed during the summer year, ’estatica’ was composed and sourced with an aim to highlight the plight of the Rio Tula – considered by many to be Mexico’s most polluted river. By way of field recordings in and around the river itself, found sounds and the utilisation of objects found near the rivers edge, Mexican musician Huixtralizer set about conjuring from the assembled parts a haunting and harrowing 12 minute sound sculpture that veers from moments of quiet unease to showers of scalded skree blizzards. Much applying to the kind of processed aural inner space visited upon by those imps roadside picnic, ’estatica’ is assumed in a fractious disturbia, amid the glitch cycles, the leviathan opines and insectoid clicks a tensely weaved air of desolation is captured decamped in a dreading despair out of which the sense of decay, death and abandonment is all to apparent.

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