dustin wong

I’m assuming we can post this sound cloud link purely so that you can see for yourself the wonderfully schizoid groove we get sent and to explain the joyously perplexed looks mapped about our face when this came into earshot with the accompanying uttering of ‘wat da f***’ – new thing from Dustin Wong imminent on thrill jockey and pulled from a set entitled ‘mediation of ecstasy energy’, this here be called ‘the big she’ and a trippy blighter it is to and something which has an unnerving knack of shedding – as were – its skin mid flow. What first appears a spot of freeform lackadaisical noodling fractured in shard shredded springing scrapes pulled through an echo casing and turned abstractly in an odd no wave handicraft replete with spooked out woozy vocals ripped from a passing dimension – soon assumes a kraut grooved grind before blossoming into some big beard beatnik kicking out there early 70’s styled stoner fuzz progness – might require a lie down after visitation. Reading the notes it appears Mr Wong has in the recent past collaborated with a certain Takako Minekawa – reason alone to get our vote – must hear more methinks.


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