megan wyler

I’m guessing you won’t be too surprised to hear that in our haste we’ve managed to somehow lose sight of the album preview we were listening to just t’other day featuring the debuting full length set from Megan Wyler entitled ‘through the noise’ out via however. You might think that you’ve not heard the demurring tones of Ms Wyler, think again and cast your mind back a little to a dinky leading food retailer advert – we are tempted to mention them by name and would were they to send a months worth of groceries to chez Sunday experience but be honest it isn’t going to happen any day soon, what’s that you say Mr Sainsbury and months supply of coffee, bacon rashers, strawberries and treats for Dylan the house feline – that’ll do nicely. Anyhow Ms Tyler indeed featured o said adverts with a cover of Kylie’s ‘can’t get you out of my head’ – the kind of delicate rehash you’d expect ushering out of the box room studio of Hannah Peel. And so back to ‘through the noise’ which did I happen to mention we’ve momentarily lost – ah well we here are much taken by the opening salvo ‘the fool’ a gorgeously shy eyed aural elfin that sweetly yawns, stretches and blossoms with such unguarded affection that you feel awed by its radiance not to mention acquiring of the kind of warmly glowing fuzzy feeling in your tummy that normally occasions winter long seasons dusted in browning leaves and roaring open fires, kind of Mazzy Star on smoulder settings all trimmed in a feint charcoal sketching and seductively coiled in the genteel braid of delicate thread bare strums, twinkling bells and haloing choral arcs which when heard collectively almost sounds like the heralding of snowfall and something with which has had us yearning to hear the dream academy’s ’life in a northern town’ – how strangely apt.

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