Insanely addictive and if I didn’t know better ought to arrive replete with its own jabs, now we swear we’ve had occasion to mention moodoid in passing missives but are buggered if we can find the citations, not to worry for debuting EP via les disques enterprise is a genre fracturing sonic carnival showcasing these French psychedelicists piloting sound orbits so far off the radar that they’ve scarcely been mapped yet. ’da folie pure’ is a maddening multi layered swirling mistral of mind morphing lysergia dipped in the effervescent haze of Eastern mirages cooked in the vibrant wash of early 70’s tropicalia and impacted with the kind of rule book tearing dynamic of os mutantes albeit fractured and re-tooled by a deviously warped and impishly focused rainbow Arabia, in short over you like a rash radiating lush sun fried strobes all packed with enough kooky bombast to have your hi-fi trembling fearfully that it might spontaneous combust.

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