la femme

Easily finding a place filed near your prized stash of fuxa sorties, this lot are described as French surf pop connoisseurs trading grim meets glam furrows of their own devising which might be all and dandy and indeed true but certainly something that doesn’t quite trip out of the grooves of teaser taster ’its time to wake up 2023’ – rather more its like imagining a gathering of Cheval Sombre, Spacemen 3 and Kraftwerkian types huddled together partaking in chill pills brought to the occasion by laurie Anderson with Ms Bardot drafted in to coo mercurially like some ghostly siren doing her best Nico take. The authors of said treat are la femme a stone cooled chic Stereolab tuning into a deeply divine mind weaving minimal mantra wooed by cosmic flotillas and dreamily dinked in amorphous soft psyche swirl dissipates which when readying up to play you might just wanna roll a fat one for ultimate bliss out sensation. An album ‘psycho tropical berlin’ is readying for earth entry as I write……


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