piotr kurek

Which neatly leads us to an email we received from Dome of black sweat records – who are based I believe in Italy – alerting us to the labels latest two releases. A cursory nose of the labels wares duly noted amid their fine back catalogue a re-release of Ariel Kalma’s ‘76 set ‘osmose’ all re-mastered and boasting bonus cuts, keen eyed spotters among you will indeed have taken note of our fondness for ’le temps des moissons’ when it appeared after a lengthy period in exile on the beta lactam ring imprint a few years back so while we seek out copies for a near future write up its back to these brace of new releases. First up Piotr Kurek, a Polish musician and enthusiast and collector of vintage instruments, Mr Kurek cut his career in dance and contemporary theatre during the 90’s forming the group Slepcy. Originally released by way of an ultra limited cassette on the polish imprint Sangoplasmo earlier this year, ‘edena’ marks the second limited re-press of Kurek’s work on black sweat – the other in case your taking notes was ‘heat’. lovingly pressed on just 150 copies of transparent red wax and sporting a vintage 70’s looking library sounds sleeve ‘edena’ is comprised of six svelte suites that radiate succulently to the kind of primitive electronica as though viewed through a portal observing a vintage age living in the lengthening shadow of the space race and immersed in a post 60’s hippy fallout screened in monochrome setting tuning keenly into futurist visions. A gorgeously lulling set that for the best part comes on like a nocturnal mirror balling nursery room lunar carnival plotted upon sonic trajectories not so distant from those found on broadcast’s latest opus ‘berberian sound studio’ albeit as though re-tooled in the wood shed of Raymond Scott. Blending together a progressive and kosmiche knowing this serene slice of out there retro-ism is subtly traced in a sepia lined gothic lysergia, warm digits and eat lights become lights admirers will immediately adore as will old school fans of goblin not least this being more so than on the parting ‘desires’ which finds itself cut to the sweetly light disturbia that at one time back dropped Italo-horror films directed by Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento. Within these grooves the melodies are crafted in a hypnotic warmth, steady progressions built layer upon layer assume depth, detail and stature to create an expansive sound canvas, by way of utilising a slow sonic drip feed the robotoid mechanisms and clock working rhythms adopt and apply a simplistic though intricate nod to Louis Hardin’s principle of the counterpoint. Title track ‘edena’ – perhaps if truth be told our favourite moment of the set – finds itself gloriously trimmed in multi tracked choruses and delicate lunar opines to sound as though both Komeda and Korzynski had collaborated in one late night studio sitting to reframe scores from Morricone’s ‘spaghetti western’ legacy. Elsewhere ‘untitled’ is dinked in the kind of affectionately teased kooky lullaby like tomfoolery that suggests its author is a fan of Delia Derbyshire / White Noise while the excitably jittery flurries that fleet foot fancifully throughout ‘tonal colors’ tap seductively into the heart of kosmiche classiness with its woozy application of Stereolab mindsets finding themselves fed through the Cornelius blender. Essential in short. http://www.blacksweatrecords.com

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