the bordellos

Remaining with the bordellos for a wee while longer, proudly stashing a new album under their collective arms which is readying itself for release on the quite lovable daddy tank imprint – home of amongst others dissolved – who incidentally pop up shortly – the label has sneaked out a free to download track ‘weird K’. the eagle eyed among may well recall us enthusing fondly of cut when it appeared on our radar holding its own on a – if I recall rightly – cloud sounds pod, anyway this version comes rerecorded with added harmonicas – which does it for us especially when it comes smothered in the kind of lo-fi loveliness more commonly associated with records bearing the daniel Johnston / jad fair seal stamped to their hides albeit moulded and glazed in a distinctive guided by voices handcraft all bleached with an affectionate casting more becoming of arrowe hill and dinked in an distressed forlorn aura that had us scampering for our treasured Southall riot platters from yesteryear. Note takers among take heed the aforementioned album – entitled ‘ronco revival sounds’ comes strictly limited to just 100 specially crafted CD’s as well as your bog standard high quality download.

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