the lost trail and the implicit order

Now here’s something we eyed via a posting by Leigh Wright better known to the sonic cognoscenti as the ephemeral man a mention of whom you should find littered among the pages of this particular missive. Anyway there was a mention for this, the debuting release on new imprint wholeness that finds the implicit order and the lost trail going head to head to embark on something of a super group type union with the latter seemingly retooling and glossing the skeletal lay lines provided by the former. Deeply intense stuff set across a seven part suite upon whose grooves everything from the hymnal and stilled to the dark and unnerving are visited upon in a
tensely treated and gripped hauntologcal hue which at first point of introduction ought to appeal to admirers of both Vernon Arts Lab and Roadside Picnic (especially via voices from the hills’) as well as the greying monaural cinematic soundscapes of renowned composers such as Desmond Briscoe and James Bernard with the subtle traces elements of dead can dance thrown in for good measure – the latter being best served by the tuning in of ‘I want us to be happy again like we used to be’ whose ethereal shimmer tones are silvered in a bespoke beguiling that gives it the appeal of being forged in the same quietly majestic workspace as Perry, Gerrard et al. in sharpening contrast ‘the olde house’ is stricken in spook theme suspense, slow hollowing treads wrapped in woozily surreal daydream drifts exude disquieting paranormal unease. Somewhere else ‘wasted time’ is touchingly shrouded in a glassy ache that once emerging momentarily from the ecliptic shadow retires deep into depths forlornly licking its wounds, ‘haunted trail’ is dimpled in similar suit in glacial opines and the kind of sci-fi void-phonics utilised by Barry Gray for the closing title credits to ‘UFO’. the album incidentally is entitled ‘the black ridge tapes’.

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