the wyrding module

More strangeness abound – alas only a short edit of this, that said it comes strictly limited to just 50 cassette copies and by our humbled opinion looks pretty nifty and much deserving of closer inspection given the description which promises thus – psychotropic drones, hypno rhythms and eldritch sonic matter all immersed and inspired by 70’sstyled horror-phonics, the occult and kosmiche sounds of the day – its by the wyrding module who I’m certain we’ve mentioned passing before – better known to family and friends as Christopher Gladwin – its appears on the Icasea imprint and is entitled sub temple session II’ – a single 43 minute cut recorded live last month – admittedly not a lot you say when presented with just a very brief 64 second sample unless you happen to be called nepalm death or extreme noise terror in which case this would have translated into a double album opus – see what you think – we of course want one…….


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