We’ve been having what can only be described as technicals in trying to download the latest outing from Trevor Midgley better known to the heads among you as Beau who you may have noticed has been popping up on various Fruits de Mer platters of late. So while we get this sorted – incidentally the album is called ’the sound of salvation – Beau – the twelve strings to the Beau’ – here’s a cut from that set entitled ’the summer has gone’ which is quite apt playing for this morn given there’s a distinct dour autumnal stillness that’s descended upon the outside world viewed through our window. The imagery greyed and decaying, the mood forlorn almost regretful like the loss of a lover, the playing sensitive, slow and deeply introspective – really – how could you resist, Beau teases the grooves with a beautifully woven rustic ode to the majesty of nature and its inevitable season changing cycle, wrapped in a classical musical tongue the sentiment smokes and melts and though stolen in ache and regret is steeled in hope at its eventual return – something we here are suspecting ought to provide ripe listening to those who love the Katie Winter…..


footnote – typo updates – message from Beau to kindly update us – we now have the download or will have once we’ve sorted out the O2 network issues – the track above is prized from Beau’s self titled set re-released via Cherry Red a little while back – new album is out via sound of salvation and is titled ‘twelve strings to the Beau – glad we got that cleared up….apparently the Ugly Things guys are quite fond of it….

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