trips and falls

Okay we’ve got some kind of download duffer type thing for this the third album from Montreal based odd bod combo trips and falls titled ‘the inevitable consequences of your stupid behaviour’ which admit it is a title befitting of adorning a long overdue platter from this nations saving grace half man half biscuit. Put out on the song, by toad imprint who once upon a time used to send us CD’s then stopped and started sending us downloads until they stopped and who have now strangely seen fit to re-establish communications with the delivery of this wonderfully skewed outing. Not that we here are complaining. Now we’ve only had time to check in to about half the set – its certainly primed for closer attention next week in Volume XIII of Tales from the Attic – for now though a teaser mention as were of the opening ambit ‘static is a serious issue’ which had us in mind on more than one occasion of lost loves Decoration and the hill fields and finding itself similarly pared in that souring bitter sweet afterglow that much marked out the celebrated wares of those two ensembles. The worrying over a failing relationship appears to be its central point, opening to the softly slacker-esque shimmer toned sway of a mellowing strum crushed in 50’s bubble grooved halos over which a curtly note to home like mantra is spoken (Micro Disney fans take heed), this cute thing begins decidedly lackadaisical before beautifully belching forth and rupturing in a Wedding Present styled rush tug frug much reminiscent of their Reception days sucking in to its path the intricate dot work of art pop intricacies before going all dreamy and misty eyed at its fall. the label – by way of rustling up some deserved marketing attention are making a trips and falls cut freely available to download – the chosen gem being ‘destruction is always more exciting’ – now we here are beginning to get the measure of these dudes – rejection is not something that appears in their vocabulary and we it does happen upon chance to visit their way then woe betide. This beauty is steeled in an early 80’s glow that recalls B-Movie – albeit that’ll be B-Movie in cahoots with the psychedelic furs and peeking over the shoulders taking notes from gene loves jezebels son book, deeply intense and shrouded in a fracturing passion that’s divinely pepper corned in the sweetening glaze of stratospheric cosmic carnival noodles – get it here –

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