Absolutely smitten with this, we’ve only heard a handful of tracks but are suitably surrendered to what we’ve sampled so much so that we’ve fired begging missives to their pr people in the hope of securing CD’s for lengthier review because as you all know CD’s sound better than download / digital – better still on vinyl what ho. Anyway Boardwalk hail from Los Angeles are a duo Amber and Mike, their debuting self titled platter is about to drop into out of stones throw shortly where it’ll dip and swerve beneath your defences and straight to your heart. First hearing and opening track has had us all a swooning for ‘I’m not myself’ is finitely cut with an ice dripped cool that blends 60’s shimmers and Spector-esque harmonies moored upon fading sunsets a glowing over far flung idyllic hideaways all dreamily traced in bitter sweet bouquets of spectral opines, add in some gorgeously woven brittle 50’s riff motifs that ooze Marr like charm albeit steeled in the kind of mooching aspect that Johnny Thunders turned his craft to on his cover of ’love is strange’ and you have yourself something of an ethereal lovely that impossible to resist.


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