eccentronic research council

What we have got – at least half of it anyway are the sound files for one side of an upcoming pop platter from eccentronic research council who you may recall had us in swooning fits and much demurred at the appearance and I should say wooing of our turn table courtesy of their debuting long player ’1612 underture’. yep this is the one sneaked out last year via finders keepers or one of their many hipster sub imprints, was about the witches of Pendle and featured a sterling gust vocal spot by Maxine Peake doing strange kraftwerkian things albeit had Kraftwerk been born oop north and fed on a diet of black puds, barm cakes and mike harding – and pagan sing song. It was perhaps our favourite most moment of that year. Seems the blighters are back with Ms Peake in tow doing even stranger things on vinyl. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of ‘the dreams’ sound collage and of course to pay homage to its author the late Delia Derbyshire, those ERC dudes have set up audio communications via the desolate pools imprint and armed with banks of analogue electronic equipment to start transmitting weird loveliness hither and thither. This here ultra limited 7 inch features Maxine uttering forth strangely warping streams of consciousness of on the spare of the moment jaunts to Ibiza. atop a whirling Wurlitzer motif pepper corned in the tender drift spin of lunar lullabies masquerading as cosmic ice cream vans Ms Peake recites a surrealist account of fracturing mindsets and blurring recollections dissipated in a dream like fog, quite kooky if you ask me and quite desirably essential especially when we tell you that over on t’flip pye corner audio of ghost box fame are drafted in to the revelry along with Carol Morley and that there’s a special limited edition – just 60 copies to boot that come handmade, hand stamped and hand stamped in the form of a 10 track cassette featuring other dreamy starlets doing woozy things to ERC’s backing tuneage….

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