jay tausig

We are buggers for detail not that you’d notice the fact reading through these hastily cobbled missives, but I mean how finite and precise the information does your heart desire to know. For example this the latest opus by Jay Tausig was recorded spontaneously on September 17th 2013 at 4.55 am and posted sometime early this morning – September 19th at 12.25 am – not to posted with the kind of casualness and almost matter of fact heralding that you’d be forgiven for sympathising with bands ploughing similar sonic environs who’d decided to turn it in on the spot and go delving the situations vacant columns post haste. Now if this is what he does just off the cuff then imagine what he’d turn out if he actually worked on it. Of course we here are being a tad flippant for Mr Tausig has already been noted in these pages on previous occasions of being a most precocious talent, recent efforts have seen him commit to an exhaustive album a month schedule wherein he’s invited like minded souls at various intervals to collaborate and guest on what will form a humungous 12 hour plus astrological journey – ‘scorpio – water dragon firebird’ the latest being the 10th in the series and finding him paired up with helios creed among others. ‘gravity waves’ is as it says on the tin, an ever expanding cosmic flotilla and dare we say a beautifully crafted slice of mind expansive out there star crossed symphonics which unless our ears do deceive sounds not unlike an orbital paradise in some far flung galactic star belt frequented by a summit meeting headed up by Jarre whose ’magnetic fields’ finds itself sumptuously retooled by Vangelis and tangerine dream and given a trip-a-delic rephrasing that comes sugar dusted in the silken tying of a pulsar serenade bow.


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