distant correspondent

Impeccable and quite possibly just edging things in the our favourite release among the recent slew of static caravan lovelies perching themselves in an orderly line awaiting turntable attention. Distant correspondent you may recall had us a swooning courtesy of a teaser preview of the flip cut ‘badlands’ a little while back which if I recall rightly we described in passing as a celestial star crossed union of my bloody valentine and animal collective types with Kevin Shields attending the soiree minus pedal kit. Still sounds absolutely astounding, dream draped demurs, slipstreaming stereophonic serenades and that hint of something ethereal are all consumed into a sound that’s not only unreal and almost airless but something you’d imagine greeting you by way of a fanfare as you shackled off your mortal coil and swiftly moved to the next stage of your journey. Untested lead cut ’shatter’ is quite something else and this from a label that championed once upon a time both tunng and shady bard. Disarms you in a second, steeled in milky melodic mirages, quietly majestic and dimpled in the tender turn of a forlorn classicism its yearn and ache sumptuously surrender to the genteel spray of undulating lilts and reverberating shimmers all fused to an irresistible harmonic lull that’s drizzled in the kind of exquisitely stilled grace that was once the trademark tool of the Workhouse.


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