strange brew

Latest Strange Brew pod cast is a Tony Durant special, a 90 minute musical travelogue of the fuchsia head honchos career to date. Fuchsia of course recently re-activated with the appearance of ’from psychedelia to a distant place’ earlier this year via sound practices (which I’m embarrassed to say we haven’t as yet heard) and his collaboration with me and my kites on a recent fruits de mer platter. Among the treats on offer some specially selected cuts from Fuchsia’s self titled 1971 classic some excellent archive finds cobbled together and released on the ’fuchsia, mahogonny and other gems’ set on night wings 2005 release courtesy of ’pirate jenny’ (by Mahogany – a beautifully crafted re-phrasing of Brecht and Weill) and ’I’ll remember her face, I’ll remember her name’ as well as a choice cut from his aforementioned recent full length. As though that wasn’t enough Mr Durant joins host Mr Bernard via a live link to chat about the past, the present and the future.


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