Something else we’ve found ourselves smitten by since it arrived at our gaff a day or two ago is the – we think – debuting single from Tarana. A duo no less featuring the combined talents of Ravish Momin and Rick Parker in what’s described by the accompanying press release loosely as a trombone / electronics / drums face off. And before you all start switching off at the sight of the gathering together of those instruments in one sentence to exit stage left thinking ‘okay I need to take some time out here’ whilst fearing some new demonic no wave opus from that Andy Pyne dude is about to break cover. Not so because this is quite something else and is much deserving of some of your undivided attention. And while we might have unfairly used Mr Pyne as a joking aside (incidentally foolproof projects gear is on our radar – be warned) there are times when this two track outing veers ever so closely into the orbital space of both puffin boy and braer rabbit. A hulking melting pot which should conceivably prick the ears at various stages those among you attuned to the grooves of ariel kalma, bill laswell, muslim gauze, Natasha atlas, invaders of the heart and the ozric tentacles – a considerable list of talent agreed but a well subscribed to one for both ’Azeen O Shaan’ and ’disposable’ which feature on the EP incidentally titled ’the laden soul desires the sun’ via the plasmatorous imprint for tarana intricately blend a sound board that literally terraforms the deeper you descend, a cosmicalia rooted to an earth beat axis upon which is sewn a deeply intoxicating tapestry that freewheels and pulses to a primary jazz / electro groove though which within gives space and safe haven to a mercurial mixing of techno, dub and trance signatures. ‘azeen o shaan’ is dutifully cut with a panoramic gravitas, elephantine fanfares a la Jerry Goldstein, tribal chants and 70’s styled retro electronica are soldered onto deeply alluring heavy ended dub-tronic sound board to give an out there head trip feel to the proceedings. For us though it’s the smoked ‘disposable’ which had us somewhat in awe and transfixed to the sounds emanating from our speakers, looser in structure than its partner cut the use of space affording the duo a chance to operate on a more experimental level. Deeply atmospheric and this time more trippy and hallucinogenic in nature ‘disposable’ zigzags and snake winds seductively from deeply alluring moments of transcendental bliss to fracturing futuro grooves. Featuring an unnamed female vocalist the opening passages lend themselves as though hazy hymnal mistrals flickering as were lightly across sun scorched arid plains, heavy and claustrophobic, middle eastern sonic tongues wrap seductively to a mysterious mantra only to shed their skin and momentarily go all wigged out in a sensuous snake charm like mirage only for the mood to tighten and constrict to reveal itself as a ramped up pensive floor throbbing beauty replete with splintering lunar dubtronics and fracturing dream dissipating futuro mutant ‘I feel love’ visitations.


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