the deadline shakes

A quick email from Stephen over at flowers in the dustbin alerting us to imminent happenings in the deadline shakes camp with the news that a new pop platter is about to break cover just before Christmas. Entitled ‘bright spot in a bad year’ this perky little slice of ear candy has I should say become an object of fondness in our listening space, lovably scatty and daubed in all the kind of kooky accoutrements and crafted genius that once gathered and cobbled together are guaranteed to woo the hardiest of hearts and send normally steeled defences a tumbling with oodles of affection and a wallop of feel good cheeriness. Shuffling and chuffing along to a tingling cortege of swooning strings haloed by honeyed harmonies pressed upon a delicate country teased MOR braiding its easy to see why the deadline shakes are quietly garnering admiring glances from all who encounter them, cobbling together a fine line in pristine pop chops they certainly know their way around the crafting of an instantly memorable song, for as ’bright spot in a bad year’ tootles and lollops merrily along it fizzes and pops into sunbursts of effervescence and in so doing instils a pressing want to root out old heartstring nuggets that’s not to mention harbouring that sense of an unplugged and un-tethered Abba amid their DNA. In short you’ll be hard pressed to find a happier honey shoehorned into 200 seconds the rest of the year, blighters should bag it up and sell it over chemist counters.


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