the summer suns

Alas scant information on this little lovely. First of several featured releases on the coolly hip Spring imprint, as ever limited to just 250 vinyl copies and all arriving housed in the trademark eye catching and attractive stock sleeves replete with hand numbered credits insert. Much embarrassment here because I’ll admit that I don’t recall ever having the pleasure of the summer suns gracing our sound system based in Perth the Summer Suns emerged from out of a buoyant Aussie indie scene in the mid 80’s bringing with them a colourfully crafted and acutely creative canvas that blended 60’s shimmies and chimed dazed summer kissed paisley pop which within their short period of activity where lapped up by such esteemed imprints as bus stop, parasol and waterfront. The summer suns ran aground in the mid 90’s lead singer / songwriter Kim Williams shifting his style away from the happy pop medium and into less chirpier environs. A brief stint as bashful and the white swallows proved momentary exorcism of his perky pop craft until that is the forming of love letters rekindled him with his musical muse and with that gave cause for the summer suns back catalogue to be hauled over under the scrutiny of a wiser and older ear. Both cuts sitting amid this platters grooves are new hatchlings from the Williams pen, lead out cut ’for her’ is delightfully tender and smoked in sun skinned silk screening that twinkles with affection drawing delicately from the brittle pop allure of the Velvets ’Sunday morning’ albeit rephrased by the chiming pop tongue of the Byrds and arrested by the softly demurred purr of Clock Strikes Thirteen. That said its the flip side which garnered our affection, ‘sand between my toes’ features Jasmin Yee on guest vocals for what is a deliriously sweet showering of cosy toed loveliness steeled amid lazy eyed lilts in a blossoming radiance of slyly disarming effervescence all longingly cast in a summers passed willowy 60’s folk pop flightiness

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