Had us mildly agog and if truth be known in much of a head spin this one not least the flip side ‘satananasses’ which too much mirth in the listening room had us on more than one occasion racing at Olympic record breaking time lurching towards the turntable fearing some attack of the gremlins due to the sluggish sounds emanating from the slacker charmed speakers. Latest from the oft admired Africantape imprint finds Ventura dropping two heaving slabs of sludge groove which should you require assistance reference wise their label people describe fondly as imagining insane clown posse in a head off with radiohead. We’re assuming the blighter is limited, it comes pressed up on 7 inches of heavy duty wax which by our reckoning is just as well because ‘Ananasses’ curdles like a wiring Pixies variant shimmying up to a beaten around the edges Gibson Bros with J Mascis with his Sweet Apple head on invited along for the rumble as the collective spirit up a molten serving of skewed prairie blues. As to that aforementioned flip side basically the lead cut rewired backwards and sounding strangely less skewed that it normal playing sibling. You know you want it.

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