backwater sampler vol II

It was upon hearing the previous cut by Liam Singer that we were loosely reminded of Reb Capper whose ‘half elf’ EP from a year or two ago was greeted with bouts of adoring swoons we still have her hand written note that came with the release about our personage and kept pride of place in the corner of our record room wherein all the magical music delights are stored. We’re not sure whether we ever got to hear the follow up ’voodoo doll’ it seems that her label backwater – who frequently once upon a time – featured to much regale in these pages – simply fell off our radar. There was talk of an album – again not quite sure whatever become of that. So why do I mention all this you’d be rightly forgiven for asking – well simply because it seems the backwater imprint has broken cover and posted a sampler type compilation on sound cloud which in our much humbled opinion you really are advised to check in and hear not least because it features Reb Capper, exit 13, jamie clements and uncle black all of whom whose releases where lapped up and loved here on release as well as the future kings of England quite possibly the most scandalous oversight by the music press in the last 10 years – these guys should have been massive their only crime perhaps was perching themselves on a prog axis just when prog was still considered a dirty word (sad to say we now have a gaping hole in our record collection with the discovery of our missing out on their fourth opus ‘who is this who is coming‘ – apparently a creepier vision that previou outings that loosely based on a short story by M R James entitled ‘oh, whistle and I‘ll come to you my lad‘). Elsewhere tuneage aplenty from osian rhys and chris lockington and a real treat from ted Sheldrake who opens the account with the sepia soured introspection of the achingly sorrowful ’my old bike’.

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