expo 70 / plankton wat

Eyed this somewhere or other being sneaked into sound world, the latest from Expo 70 whose previous visitations to these pages you’ll recall from our various references to trensmat (releases from whom feature a many in the next missive) and old school my space mentions from many moons ago. This split 12 inch release sees him sharing groove space with plankton wat who better known to friends and family as Dewey Mahood expressed an interest in collaborating with Justin Wright – he who is Expo 70 – in an interview to which sharp eyed Sam Melancon head honcho of Seattle based debacle records spotted. So while we go issuing forth begging missives in the hope of securing high quality download links just a brief mention then to what you can expect. Eight tracks in all are festooned upon these grooves, plankton wat takes up residence on one side with 5 offerings leaving Expo 70 occupying his own side space to which he admirably utilises by way of three cosmic suites the most intriguing of which is the parting 13 minute colossus that is ‘the often re-entry forming an exit strategy’. stripped bare and sparse in tonality, this monolith slowly builds upon an imposing droning hum, patient and measured the slow snake wind of a pulsing riff duskily opines in the distance to emerge out of the foggy haze, the image is one of a barren lifeless wasteland sucked dry by an unforgiving punishing sun, as the arid riffing mantra comes closer into view the dynamic changes in both depth and density, the vibe one of mesmeric as it terraforms and navigates into A grade Roy Montgomery territories with the vapour trailing delta signatures becoming blurred and out of it to reach a point of bliss fractured meltdown. Not so much Floyd at the dark side but Floyd out of orbit and voyaging the unknown. As to plankton wat we were much taken by ‘land’s end’ aside sounding not unlike a coolly chilled ‘untitled #23’ era Church, there’s much here to seduce those admiring of the fuzzy fog bound blues codas of the late sadly departed jack rose to be found here, the stylising parched and primitive is blessed with the detached lonesome persona of a mid career Flying Saucer Attack and yet echoes and quietly howls to the primal growl of Link Wray albeit removed of the speaker shredding reverb and found shimmying up to an ‘eldorado’ era Neil Young – further listening investigations are dutifully recommended. http://www.debaclerecords.bandcamp.com/album/expo-70-plankton-wat

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