hot head show

Literally just dropped upon us via a forwarded email and quite frankly having heard the contents of the link therein – a damn good call we reckon. Strange new thing by hot head show who I’m mortified to say we have absolutely no information about though I’m gathering are garnering affection from all quarters of musical globe though some of that I deeply suspect being somewhat paired with moments of bewilderment on the faces of said scribes whilst being met by cries of ‘what the f*** was that?!’. obviously abandoned off spring of the great Beefheart, ’chopstickabean’ is – I can safely say – quite possibly the most demented, deranged and dumb**ked ditty you’ll hear all year not withstanding some new groove emerging from the Dalmatian Rex contingent. A jarring and jabbing jamboree of acutely angular art rock psychosis is I guess the best way to describe the aural action painting belching out of the speakers. schizoid and spasmodic, scarcely a thought for time signatures which as we are on the subject are so acutely tight you’d need a protractor to record them, the kind of stuff that once upon a time tiger trap kicked out with alarming regularity (another label who appear to have kicked us off their mailing list ho hum). Bleaching intricate jazz nuances – yes jazz – as in jazz done by Brand X on acid with a heavy load of cardiacs, henry cow, apatt and a youthful plans and apologies thrown in for scalded measure – with a rule book ripping art rock ambition these blighters appear to be blessed with a perversely impish ability to turn out alarmingly catchy sonic shrapnel at the drop of a hat not withstanding that the buggers groove will trepan you in the process.

There’s an insane video to view which doesn’t quite achieve the brain damaged psychosis of the cut it showcases – features blokes in rabbit suits – you have been warned.

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